Telepathy is the ability to directly interact with another person's mind. This divides it into two distinct types: pull and push. Pull telepathy is the action of reading one's mind, either actively or passively. Push telepathy is the action of pushing a thought into another's mind. Generally, it seems that push telepathy is easier (at least actively) than pull, though it is unknown as to why.

Telepathy is thought to be related to empathy.


Please keep in mind that any techniques that are used are in no way guaranteed to work. These are simply methods that have worked for other people in the past.

Push Telepathy - TechHunter16's method
  1. Focus on the person that you want to push.
    • You really have to feel their brain. Know that they are there, and that their brain is there.
    • Everything is controlled by the brain. Realize that.
  2. Build up your adrenalin. Usually, this is done by hyperventilating, but any method that will boost your heart rate should do the trick.
    • (Author's note: I operate on the hypothesis that abilities are at least partially controlled by adrenalin, as that has worked for me.)
  3. Progress to one of two methods; each one tends to work about 50% of the time:
    • Method 1: Clear the mind, and focus on the intention of what you want to accomplish. Maybe focus on a symbol that you can associate with telepathy.
    • Method 2: Focus on the thought itself. Imagine (picturing this can help) actually forcing the thought into the subject's mind. Imagining energy emerging from your forehead can sometimes help as well.
  4. If one of the above methods does not work, attempt the other.

This works about 60-70% of the time