Telepathic camouflage (sometimes abbreviated to tele-camo) allows the user to remain unseen, though not technically invisible. It is believed to work via telepathy; the user erases their image from the target’s mind, so though they are physically visible, the target simply doesn’t notice them.
It can be used at any strength. When used weakly, it makes the user less conspicuous so that they aren’t the center of attention. Some people use this weak form of tele-camo passively When used to a much greater extent, it effectively renders the user invisible, though most find this harder to sustain.


draemer’s Method

Maintaining the proper mindset is important while using tele-camo. The most common mistake is thinking: “Please don’t see me, please don’t see me!”. This almost invariably leads to the hunter finding the user. Hoping that one will remain unseen is not the same thing as believing that one will remain unseen. In fact, hoping implies doubt, which is the exact opposite mindset. A better mindset would be thinking: “He will not see me, because I’m using my camouflage, and my camouflage makes me invisible.”. The only thing missing from this equation is an action to have confidence in. This is where visualization comes in. Again, it does not matter exactly what is visualized, so long as the user has confidence in it. draemer usually visualizes his body melting into the landscape and the landscape into his body; this is a simple visualization that he has confidence in. Meditation can be used to focus confident thoughts and weed out negative ones.

It is helpful to have a specific target who the user wishes to hide from in mind while using tele-camo, though this Is not necessary. It is also more effective to use draemer’s visualization, but by imagining it from the target’s point of view.

Confidence is the key to tele-camo, and with practice comes confidence. It is theoretically possible to simply stand in an open field and remain completely unseen, though it is doubtful that anyone is that skilled or ever can be. Mental camouflage is stronger when it is used in harmony with visual camouflage, not just as a backup to visual camouflage, but in harmony with it—using the visual camouflage to make mental camouflage more effective. Complex landscapes can be reduced to simple, repetitive shapes. A forest can be reduced to a series of vertical shapes, and the user can imagine the awkward shape of their body blending in with these, instead of having to camouflage themselves to every tree from every angle. The dappled light of the forest makes an excellent augmentation to telepathic camouflage, since this sort of light is difficult for a person’s eye to process normally. It is very helpful to have a background in the ordinary art of camouflaging oneself and remaining unnoticed.