Impressions are intangible, inexplicable feelings that describe everything about an object. They are an underlying aura in all things that some metahumans can feel. It’s difficult to describe exactly what they feel like in language: the impression of a tree simply feels inexplicably like a tree. Additionally, impressions feel energetic. Because of this, many believe that they are connected to the concept of psi, or that impressions and psi might be the same thing.

Feeling impressions

There is no trick to feeling impressions. Draemer learned how to feel impressions accidentally while using tele-camo. He found that imagining oneself as a part of an object allows one to feel its impression. It is recommended that you meditate by first clearing one’s mind, using the aforementioned visualization, then keeping one’s mind open to whatever feelings might float in. Draemer claims that: “eventually, you will feel an impression; you will just know that what you feel is an impression because it perfectly describes the object that it corresponds to. After practicing this for a while, it will become second nature.”

Applications in ESP

Draemer made a practice of feeling impressions for unrelated purposes. Once he developed this into a habit and was able to feel impressions passively, he found that his ESP abilities increased drastically. Currently, impressions are the basis of all of his abilities.
To look for a specific part of an impression, it’s helpful to have an intent in mind before feeling the impression. For example, if someone found a wallet and wanted to know who it belonged to, they would first meditate on the intention of wanting to know who the wallet belonged to before feeling its impression. When they then go to feel the impression, the part that details who the wallet belongs to will be emphasized.


Impressions contain all of the information about the object that they respond to, including to some extent information about the object’s future and past. This information can be used for precognition and retrocognition. This part of the impression is slightly more difficult to access than the information about the object’s present. It can be found with the aforementioned method and a lot of practice.

Telepathic Camouflage

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Users of telepathic camouflage commonly visualize their bodies merging with their surroundings. They can do the same visualization with impressions instead of visuals. Rather than picturing their bodies merging with the landscape, they can imagine the impression of their body merging with the impression of the landscape. This makes for more powerful telepathic camouflage, and makes it harder for locators and trackers to find them with their abilities.