Many people who have shown signs of being a metahuman ask “where do I start”, or “where do I go from here?”. This article is an answer to that. The forums and wiki can be overwhelming since they contain so much information; this article aims to give beginners a starting point. It details the skills that are prerequisites for most abilities, and it gives you a context to understand the rest of the information posted here.


For a total beginner, learning to meditate is the best place to start. Meditation is essentially the mastery of one’s own mind. A solid foundation in meditation will make using your abilities easier in the future.

Many people define meditation as “clearing one’s mind”. Draemer doesn’t find this sort of meditation very useful. Clearing one’s mind is essentially closing one’s mind. He has success doing the exact opposite: opening one’s mind, and being aware of whatever thoughts float in. This has applications in ESP.

In general, focus is a good skill to have. Meditating by keeping one’s attention on one thing improves focus. This sort of meditation has no applications, but focus will make using one’s abilities easier.

Many metahumans claim that psi, auras, or impressions are the basis for their abilities. Therefore, having a solid foundation in the ability to feel psi/auras/impressions will make their abilities more powerful. See the article on Impressions, or Energy.

Note that it’s impossible to fully master meditation. It can always be improved upon, but at this point, the beginner metahuman has the fundamental skills, and can begin learning specialized techniques for his abilities.