ESP, or extrasensory perception, is the broad ability that allows the user to perceive information with a sense beyond the conventional 5. Users of ESP are sometimes called psychics.
Some abilities are considered to be subsets of ESP itself, in that they are applications of some of the overarching techniques generally attributed to this core ability. They tend to utilise similar methods, and to revolve around similar concepts and hypotheses. These abilities include: precognition, RT/L, pull telepathy, psychometry, and empathy.

Tutorials and Methods:

draemer’s Impressions method

This method is based around draemer’s theory of impressions, which can be found here.
Impressions are the basis of most of draemer’s abilities, including his ESP. He found that by learning to feel impressions passively that his preexisting ESP ability was greatly improved. Likewise, he was able to use his ability to feel impressions to make his ESP more active.
Essentially, using this technique entails divining information from an object’s impression. In that sense, it is similar to Psychometry.

Theories on ESP

Very little is known about how ESP works. The communities ignorance is due to the fact that use of ESP is difficult to research, so most of our evidence is personal observation.
Explaining this ability requires a dramatic paradigm shift. ESP violates the basic law of nature that cause comes before effect, since ESP allows the user to see events that haven’t yet happened. This has interesting implications regarding the nature of time and the mind. A similar physical problem with ESP is that it allows users to perceive events happening elsewhere seemingly instantly. Because we have no context in which to understand ESP, it’s not explainable with science. Nevertheless, many theories have been devised to explain ESP.

draemer’s theory:

draemer’s theory postulates the existence of a holographic-universe: that the universe as we experience it is a projection from something more fundamental. Specifically, draemer’s theory states that the universe is fundamentally information, like a source code. The physical nature of the universe arises from this. When metahumans use ESP, they are accessing this fundamental reality. It’s possible to remotely view other places, because separation is an illusion only apparent at this level of reality.

According to draemer: “I came to believe that at the most fundamental level, matter is not solid—or even real for lack of a better word—but composed solely of information. This sounds crazy, but think about it: if particles and quarks are the smallest units of matter, what are they made up of? Nothing? How can something real and corporeal be made out of nothing? Information fits this description, because it has no mass and cannot be seen. I am yet to find concrete proof, but I believe that all things come to being from the interactions of fields of information. What does this have to do with superhuman abilities you may ask? Well, it means that there is an ever-penetrating entity that makes up all things, meaning that reality is semi-subjective. This means that the underlying information can be interpreted by a conscious, read to see into the future, or altered to manipulate energy.”
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This is intimately connected with draemer’s theory of Impressions. ‘Impressions’ is sometimes used interchangeably with psi.

Tom Brown Jr's theory

Disclaimer: Tom Brown Jr. is not a member of the metahuman community, and this article was not written by him. This is our best summary of his theory.

According to Tom Brown, there is a duality to reality; there is a physical world, and a spiritual world. The spirit world is like a force that penetrates all things. In that way, it connects everything. Because of this, perceiving that spirit world allows someone to perceive things that otherwise appear disconnected. In theory, distance has no meaning, so one can easily perceive distant places.

His theory bears some resemblance to the holographic universe explanation. The only difference is that that theory postulates that this “spirit world” is the fundamental foundation of reality, not a duality with reality. Regardless, draemer considers this spirit world to be synonymous with his impressions.
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John Hamilton’s Theory:

John Hamilton maintains the rational belief that there is nothing paranormal about ESP. Rather, it is caused by the unconscious observing things more accurately than the conscious mind can. It only feels like extra-sensory perception because it’s not happening consciously—really, there’s nothing extra-sensory about it. For example: a person predicts that someone is about to hit them because they unconsciously felt the almost imperceptible breeze as the person’s fist was about to strike them.
This theory obviously doesn’t predict more dramatic examples of ESP, like how metahumans predict events months in advance. However, it explains the majority of uses of ESP.