Atmokinesis, simply defined, is the metahuman ability to manipulate weather patterns using only one's mind. The effects produced can include rain, wind, or the movement of clouds (to cover an area, or away from it). One of the rarer metahuman abilities, and one of the most complex, only a few known metahumans possess it.

Theories of atmokinesis

As of this time, there are no definite theories that explain atmokinesis as a metahuman ability.

However, there are two theories that are plausible:

1) Atmokinesis is the ability of the user to manipulate water on the large scale, and this is what causes the weather phenomenon to occur

2) Atmokinesis is the ability of the user to manipulate air on the large scale, therefore moving clouds around and controlling breezes.

Tutorials and methods

Though atmokinesis is a rare ability, there are various methods that have been found to work for those who possess it. As ever, please keep in mind that any techniques given here are in no way guaranteed to work. These are simply methods that have worked for others in the past.

Bold as bric's tutorial

For bold as bric's original tutorial, see this thread.
This tutorial has been taken from the main site and edited to better fit the Wikipedia Manual of Style.

  1. Ensure that the weather you want is actually possible (I.e. if the climate is unlikely to support the weather, the method is unlikely to work) . Take care when choosing the weather you want: a storm is a bad idea to start with, if you have little experience. Try to make a light breeze the next day at 10:00, or make the sun come out at 12:00.
  2. Bold as bric mentions that he prefers to lie down for this step, but that you may sit or stand if you wish. Imagine energy flowing into your body, filling you up but not escaping. Wait until you feel ready before moving on to the next step.
  3. Imagine yourself as a beacon of energy. All of the energy you have built up is flowing into the sky, but you continue gathering energy and sending that up as well.
  4. The energy you have sent up should be imagined as a web of thin threads of energy, cupping the sky (if you wanted a cloud-related weather phenomenon, if you want things like a breeze you have to imagine a cube of threads running through the air).
  5. This step is the most difficult, as it requires you to imagine three steps at once. Keep imagining energy going into your body and up into the sky, forming a web or cube, then at the same time you need to imagine the weather you want taking place, and also a time for it to occur. Try to imagine yourself seeing an alarm clock, and you should set a reasonable time; heavy rainclouds aren't going to gather in 10 minutes. Do this for as long as your mind can cope.
  • Pay attention to the first step. For example, snow in the heat of summer simply will not occur.
  • You may use a conduit, such as a large object, to "channel the energy."
  • Do not be disappointed if the method does not work: the original writer, bold as bric, leaves the caveat that the technique is "a very difficult process that requires so much imagination and concentration that it's almost impractical" but does urge the reader to try again if they wish to continue.
  • It is still unclear whether storms are possible to produce using this method.
  • Do NOT attempt while driving. The concentration required is too distracting, no matter how advanced the atmokinetic is.
  • This technique may cause headaches or migraines, it is not advised to attempt this if you are prone to these ailments.

Atmokinesis and metahuman abilities

Atmokinesis is often believed to be related to the more general metahuman ability of telekinesis (defined by the Glossary of Terms as "the ability to move objects with one’s mind") and is indeed named as such, but seems to operate on a much larger scale. For example, an individual with telekinetic abilities may only be able to spin a paper disk (sometimes known as a "psi wheel") with their mind, while one who possesses atmokinesis is influencing large and complex systems of weather whenever they use their abilities, and so must be using a lot more energy. There have been few theories put forward to explain this, though it is possible that atmokinesis is an entirely different category of abilities of its own, and not related to telekinesis except by name.

There is a large issue over the use of atmokinesis, because although it is likely to be related to telekinesis no theory has yet been able to explain why atmokinetics do not necessarily have the ability to move objects on the small scale. If atmokinesis is large-scale telekinesis then an atmokinetic should make an extremely powerful telekinetic, but there are no known records of this occurring, and usually atmokinetics do not display telekinetic abilities.



One issue that the ambiguity over the relationship between telekinesis and atmokinesis may cause is difficulty in finding a universal system of classification, as even a relatively small use of atmokinesis still has a larger effect than some of the most powerful uses of telekinesis on record, making it impossible to classify them using the same scale.